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What I do ...

As a writer, researcher, teacher, and lecturer for many years, I’ve tackled the challenge of communicating information—and found delight in seeing people reach that “aha!” moment, when they grasp an idea and its value to them. My favorite projects are the ones that require historical perspective and analysis: putting people, institutions, and events into their wider context.

... and how I do it

Before I sit down to write, I take the time to find out who your target audience is, what message you want to convey, and what goal you want to achieve. I do any research that's required thoroughly, and fact-check meticulously.

Then I marshal the right words and ideas, and decide the best order for presenting them. I do editing and proofing old school, to exacting standards.


I’ve written and lectured on topics that range from American history to veterinary science and from dental veneers to Jan Vermeer. My wide experience allows me to ask the kind of questions your potential clients might ask, so that I can focus on conveying the answers in a way they’ll understand.

I take pride in providing material that meets high standards of both style and content—and is delivered on schedule.

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