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What I do and how I do it

As your freelance writer and researcher, my focus is getting your point across in the most effective way. How?

#1: Identify the audience

We discuss who the target audience is and what message will attract, interest, and persuade them.

#2: Compose great content

To draw attention on today's web, compelling content is essential. I’ve written and spoken on topics ranging from art history, Andersonville Prison, and FileMaker basics to veterinary science, dental veneers, and Jan Vermeer. I adore (yes, really adore) giving the big-picture perspective: setting people and institutions into their wider context. Where did they come from? What makes them tick? Why do they stand out from the crowd?

#3: Polish until it shines

I do writing, editing, and proofing - even for tweets! - to exacting standards. Typos, missppellings, poor grammar, erratic punctuation. these things catch ones eye and leave a bad impression.

Four errors in that paragraph! It's killing me to leave them in: but you get the point, right?

#4: Meet the deadline

I deliver on time. Always. Because brilliant writing is much less impressive if you've had to harrass your freelance writer three times before you get it.

#5: Tell the world

We will set a schedule for letting the world know about this great content through your website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram: whatever's most appropriate.

Have a project from 140 characters to 900,000 words?

Email me and let’s discuss it.

Interested in self-publishing?

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