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Writing, from 900 to 90,000+ Words

Kindle books, How-to manuals, About Us pages, Blog posts, Ezines, Wikipedia articles, Brochures, Flyers, Ads, Newsletters, Fact Sheets, Company Histories, Catalogues, Website Content

Polishing & Publishing Your Writing

Editing & proofreading; Layout & design for ebooks, PDFs, print, and the Web; Marketing


Image research, Historical research, Transcription of historical documents

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About VersaQuill and Dianne L. Durante

For 30 years as a writer, researcher, teacher, and lecturer, Iíve tackled the challenge of communicating information - and found delight in seeing people reach that ďaha!Ē moment, when they grasp an idea and its value to them.

My goal is always to write material thatís accurate and effective. Before I sit down to write, I take the time to find out who your target audience is, what message you want to convey, and what goal you want to achieve. Any required research is done thoroughly and fact-checked meticulously. Then I find the right words and ideas, and present them in the right order, with the right flow. I do editing and proofing old school, to exacting standards. In layout and design, I focus on clarity and legibility, not glitz.

Iíve written and lectured on topics that range from American history to veterinary science and from dental veneers to Jan Vermeer. My wide range of experience allows me to ask the kind of questions your potential clients might ask, so that I can focus on conveying the answers in a way theyíll understand.

I take pride in providing material that meets high standards of both style and contentóand is delivered on schedule.



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How-to Guides

Description, Research, Analysis


Layout & Design

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The elephant in the room: Why pay me to write for you?

If the thought of facing a blank page, grinding out a first draft, editing and proofing versions for hours on end thrills your soul ... then I hail you as a kindred spirit. If it doesnít, why not pay pay me to do it for you? Writing persuasively is as much a skill as computer programming, auto repair, or cooking. It makes sense for you to focus on the job you do best, and pay a specialist to tell potential customers about the quality of your work or services.

Let's let Berniniís charming elephant lumber out of the room and back to Rome, where he belongs. Click here to return to the top of the page, where you can read about my qualifications and experience as a writer.

Gianlorenzo Bernini, base of Elephant and Obelisk, 1667. Rome, Piazza della Minerva.

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Her writing is clever and clear, her business manner is professional and friendly, and her work is reliable and thorough. ...

Excellent writer, creative and versatile ... deals with deadlines very efficiently.

Her writing skills are excellent and her design always beautiful. ...

Iíve worked with several researchers, and Dianne was by far the most reliable, professional, savvy, and efficient.

The articles were informative, entertaining, well researched and professionally composed. Proofing and factual errors were non-existent. Ö

A web-savvy and entrepreneurial spirit married to a whip-smart writer/ researcher/ historian Ö She can take an idea and run with it ...



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